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GSM cell sites development

GIBB Africa Ltd has accumulated vast experience in the area of Telecommunications and GSM networks in particular. Over the years the company has been involved in the development of numerous telecommunication networks and dedicated systems for a wide range of Clients including governmental and non-governmental organizations. Our designs have covered data processing and data transmission systems, voice communication, telecontrol etc operating in the microwave, UHF, VHF and HF frequency ranges.

In the GSM technology, GIBB Africa Ltd has designed cell sites all over Kenya for the largest mobile phone provider in the country. Under this project, GIBB Africa Ltd carried out electrical, structural, geotechnical and infrastructure engineering. These include mapping of the site, soil investigations, tower foundation designs, remodeling of existing towers, electrical services including facilitating the provision of mains electrical supplies and standby generators, production of layout and construction drawings, supervision of construction of tower foundation, etc.

The rate of delivery of the above services is very demanding and cannot be achieved without GIBB Africa Ltd 's advanced design and project management technology which includes the latest computer aided design (CAD) software and hardware, data collection techniques, structural design and modeling software and a well trained and motivated technical team. Our technical team is capable of delivering services efficiently backed by our ISO 9001 certification in maintaining high quality of project deliverables.

The project involves development of cell sites all over the country. The cell sites are of three main types:

  • Rooftop sites;
  • Green-field sites;
  • Existing tower sites.

All types are equipped with radio communication antennae at varying heights on steel towers, communication equipment room, standby generator room, associated cable works and mains power termination and internal wiring.

Technical Specialists

The diversity of areas being handled under the project has necessitated GIBB Africa Ltd to build a strong technical team including civil & structural engineers, electrical engineers, geotechnical engineers, surveyors, riggers, CAD technicians, geotechnical technicians and an association with soil testing laboratory specialist sub-consultant firm.

Typical technical services by site type:

Greenfield Sites

  • Production of site location map;
  • Production of site acquisition architectural layout drawings;
  • Production of construction drawings;
  • Soil investigations and preparation of geotechnical reports with recommendations on tower foundations;
  • Tower foundation designs;
  • Procedures of power acquisition from the power company.

Roof Top Sites

  • Production of site location map;
  • Production of site acquisition architectural layout drawings;
  • Structural checks of buildings and roofs;
  • Production of structural analysis reports;
  • Design of roof structural reinforcement where necessary;
  • Power acquisition.

Telecommunications Towers

  • Checks and type approvals of new steel towers and masts;
  • Surveys and structural analysis of existing towers by specialized computer programmes for installation of additional equipment;
  • Site inspection and audit for new tower construction.


  • Preparation of construction specification, site procedures and quality controls;
  • Obtaining necessary approvals from local authorities, Directorate of Civil Aviation etc;
  • Joint GSM site identification with Client, Contractors and equipment suppliers.

Some of the projects undertaken in the past 10 years include:

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