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Geotechnical services

The principal geotechnical activities that we are involved in include preparation of technical specifications and tender documents, costings, analysis and foundation design including piling and specialist grouting for a wide range of projects as outlined below:
Buildings and structures projects
We provide services in site investigations and interpretation for:
  •  Foundation analysis, including bearing capacity and settlement studies;
  •  Slope stability analysis and the preparation of geo-technical reports.
Transportation projects
We do geological, material and foundation studies for roads, rail, airports and harbours to encompass:
  •   Materials reports and pavement design;
  •   Slope stability analysis and foundation design;
  •   Design of harbour protection facilities.
Water and waste water disposal schemes

Evaluation of sites for the suitability for water storage, river intakes, proposed pipeline and tunnel routes, foundations for water retaining structures including:
  • Dam site and reservoir evaluation, dam selection and design;
  • Material studies;
  • Design of foundation treatment programmes;
  • Design of tunnel support systems.
Site supervision

Supervision of contracts in accordance with FIDIC contract conditions in the following areas:

  • Site investigations;
  • Foundation treatment (grouting and piling works);
  • Embankment construction (earth-fill, rock-fill dams, roads, railways).

Mining activities

Site investigations for all types of mining activities.

Hydroelectric and thermal power projects

Feasibility studies, foundation assessment and material sourcing for power schemes.
Support services

The above mentioned specialist services are supported by the full range of civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering and environmental services available in-house from GIBB International Ltd.
Some of the projects undertaken in the past 5 years include:
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